Founder of Do Better Colab

How it all began.

Welcome! I'm Jen - founder of Do Better Colab.

In April 2021, I realised that I needed some new snowboard socks, and as I went on the hunt, I encountered a few challenges. 

I wanted to avoid synthetic materials due to all the issues with microplastics in our environment. I wanted natural, organically grown fibres that weren’t derived from animals. I also wanted a high performance sock with all the bells and whistles.

To my surprise, I couldn’t find what I was looking for, so I decided to create it and thus Do Better Colab was born.

The evolution.

We live in an amazing time where we have instant access to information about literally EVERYTHING.

It’s a wonderful thing for the most part but at the same time, we are experiencing information overload and it has become increasingly hard to separate fact from opinion.

When it came to environmental issues, I found this to be even more so. And as I went down the path researching fibres to create my perfect snowboard sock, I fell into a rabbit hole of information where there seemed to be no perfect solution.

And that’s when it hit me. There is no perfect.

And the constant drive for us to find perfection causes us to do nothing.

THIS is eco anxiety in a nutshell.

Do Better Colab begins with the humble sock, but it translates into so much more than that.

Do Better Colab

Do Better

Do Better translates into all areas of life.

It is about making better choices as a consumer, doing better in your health and fitness journey, relationships, work and play. Not seeking perfection, but taking steps to just Do Better.


Colab is about you, me, us, we, them.

Together and collectively we make a difference.

Together we can do and achieve better things.

  • Quality & Performance

    High quality, technical sports socks made from sustainable materials. We plan to invest in R&D so that we can continuously improve our products.

  • Sustainability

    We hate waste. We focus on reducing waste by using compostable packaging, as much natural and organic fibres as possible, using suppliers with industry certifications and constantly evaluating our supply chain.

  • Ethical

    We're fussy with where we source our materials from and our products will always be cruelty free. We look for industry certifications for both materials and processes that align with our values.

Take the pressure off. Let’s do better together and have a bunch of fun in the process.